Hello, I am

Bruno Paz

Web application Engineer

Wizzyshop, is a mobile shopping platform, where the users can gain points just be enter in stores.

When a user enter in a store that is part of the application, he can immediately see in his mobile phone the latest promotions in the store, the points he have available in that store and more.

The application also monitors the time the user stays inside the store and give points if it stays long enough. By making purchases he can make even more points that can be traded by discounts in future. It is also possible to buy products online without going to the store, using >the ecommerce solution inside the app.

In this project, I have developed the android application, as well as the API for connecting the mobile app with the backend and also some parts of the backend.

  • Android
  • JSON
  • REST
  • Symfony 2 (backend)
  • mySQL
  • Paypal Express Checkout